The single most important life lesson I have learnt in my entrepreneurship voyage is to "persist long enough". Things will happen. 

I'll have to let go.

I made a commitment to myself when I started this blog. The commitment was to write a blog a day for nest 365 days. 

After trying to do that for last 10 days, I finally realized: I'll have to let go. There are a few things I just can't control.

1. Internet.

No matter how much advancement we've made in India, Internet continues to suck here. Once I move 30 miles out of the city, I lose everything close to a good upload speed over my mobile internet. No matter how much I try, until and unless the village has a working Wi-Fi connection, I cannot upload.

2. Hours in a Day.

Com'on, I'm the CEO. There are some days when I get no time to sit down for an hour and write this blog in a flow. There are just too many things going on and I have to deal with it. We're launching the project in August and it is an aggressive deadline already.

3. Health

I was diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis a week ago. When I'm sick, there is just no way I can write. You may argue that there are people who find solace in writing when sick. Well, I'm not one of those. If you follow my blog, you'll know how much I hate writing.

So the solution......

I'm gonna give myself 51 days of leave cards. Why 51 days? Because it is symbol of good luck in India. We give monetary gift of Rs. 51 to mark new beginnings. 

Though not just Indians, Most cultures around the world consider odd numbers to be auspicious. 

“Good luck lies in odd numbers ... They say, there is divinity in odd numbers, either in nativity, chance, or death.” —Shakespeare: Merry Wives of Windsor. v. 1

So instead of regretting about how I couldn't post a blog yesterday, I could look forward to pushing a good one today.


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