The single most important life lesson I have learnt in my entrepreneurship voyage is to "persist long enough". Things will happen. 

My Attorney Blew My Mind Today.

I like the work culture in US. You say something, it's done. People don't think twice, which is really good. But sometimes........ Well....... let me show you what I'm talking about.

I work with an amazing attorney who never misses my email or delay my work. He is pretty renowned in the valley as well. I sent him an email yesterday asking, as we've decided to change the name of the company, when should we do it:

Well, next thing I know, I got this message:

Well it totally blew my mind. It costs $75 to reserve the name. My attorney has deferred his fees and won't bill me until we receive the first round of funding. Though my intentions were just to tell the guy that we may change our name, he went ahead, without a second thought and reserved the name for us. It is impressive. Very Impressive. ( Because he paid for it :P)

The lesson here is people in the valley must really mean what they say. So when I told him, "Hey this is the name we're considering.", he literally thought we're considering it. (Are we? Damn!)

Next time, I shall weigh my words before I squirt them out. :P

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