The single most important life lesson I have learnt in my entrepreneurship voyage is to "persist long enough". Things will happen. 

I'll write a blog a day, for next 365 days.

I won't lie. I'm not anywhere close to being a good writer, forget being the best. Writing is not my hobby or my passion or my interest. It is not something I'll remotely enjoy over a laid back weekend. But, contrastingly, I've made a conscious decision to crunch my keyboard for next 365 days. Why?


1. I wanna get out there.

My inspiration came from Casey Neistat's youtube channel.

Running his channel for 5 years, he had 500,000 subscribers. Then he started posting one vlog a day and to his surprise, He acquired another 500,000 subscribers in 5 MONTHS! 

5 Years = 500,000 subscribers
5 years+5 months = 500,000+500,000 subscribers

Then in another 2 months, he acquired another 500,000 subscribers.

5 Years+5 Months+2 Months= 500,000+500,000+500,000 subscribers.

Now after a year of his daily uploads, he has a 2.5 Million subscribers in total.

5 Years+ 1 Year= 500,000+2 Million Subscribers (That's Insane!)

Watch him talk about it himself here


2. I want to give back.

Whenever I started working on a new business, I did two things. 

1. Google as much as possible about the industry.
2. Meet people from the industry.

I found that 70% of my knowledge came from heading to google and reading blogs, watching interviews and skimming through different websites. The problem with this approach was, everything was scattered. For even a small answer, I had to crawl 20 pages of google.

Now with all the information I have at my disposal, I hope I could be useful to future entrepreneurs, who are dreaming to become one, while still reading this from their bedroom.


3. I want to write step-by-step guides.

All the blogs I ever read were too long to read..Pretty boring. So decided I'll pick small subjects and write briefly about it, not only because I hate writing, but also because of summarized, step-by-step information is what entrepreneurs need when they're starting out. The elaborated response will come to them through their colleagues, attorneys, investors..... 

Infact, this post of mine is and will be the longest post on my blog. 


Surviving as a Non-Technical Founder/CEO